We all have heard about many such sports that are played in teams like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball etc. But have you heard about horse back riding being a team sport? Isn’t it?

In the prominent and widely played team games, where people can communicate, devise a strategy and implement it, even then it’s not guaranteed that everything goes as planned. Altercations among team mates are always witnessed.

On the other hand equestrian riding is that sport where team is formed between a human being and an unpredictable, four-legged, two hundred pound creature, emotionally attached to you. Without any verbal communication and strategy, the two mates form a team where either the rider dominates the horse or its the other way round. So how does one dominate the other?

Neighs cannot be understood by a human being. It all depends on the body language. In this sport, one has to tune up with that one creature, whose body language has to be understood at each and every moment. As what it thinks would change, just in a fraction of second. So it’s that creature one deals with, who can do anything and everything at any given point of time. No one is assured of what can come over its mind. And it all depends on the performance of the horse. The rider is judged by the performance of his/ her partner(the horse). And the funny part is, even if the horse did anything inaccurate, a rider cannot get frustrated and shout at it. While in the case of the usually played team sports this is highly possible.

Horse back riding is that intense team sport where there is no place for frustration. The horse and the rider are so well tuned up that their heart beats together. There is a telepathy amongst them.

Non-equestrians may disagree of  horse back riding as a team sport. As most of them have always perceived that horse back riding is that where a person sits on the back of the horse like he/she may sit on a sofa set and just grab the reins and then its only the horse who plays the vital role. While this can never be true. If that would have been the case, why wouldn’t most of us be a champion at horse back riding ? Non- equestrians might always take you to task and never understand what horse back riding is for you and why.

With due respect to all the team games, I perceive that horse back riding is just an another level of team sport that takes more than just a human and a horse.

Happy Riding. Cheers!!


Communication with tail..

As we have seen earlier, riders cannot understand horses by neighs. Their body language depicts what they feel and think. We have seen how the ears communicate now let us see how the tail position shows the horse’s next move and what you can do to prevent the consequences that may result.

The figure shows how the tail position will be according to what the horse feels. This shows you should be at ease when the horse is contended and his/her tail is hunched against the wind. But in order to control the horse in the other tail positions, you should pat on his neck and calm him/her down by rubbing your hand on his/her neck. If he/ she doesn’t calm even after that best way is to control by the reins and have a good grip of your knees and seat in case he/she flees or bucks. 

Also there is a possibility that while the horse starts to gallop and you are not yet ready, its highly possible for you to not notice the tail position. To stop the horse you will pull the reins and tighten them by not giving him/her any further chance. But in case he/she doesn’t restrict from galloping, you can pull the reins towards the either side making the horse turn his/her head. This will restrict him/her from galloping further. 

The next time you ride, prevent unfavorable consequences.

What Ears Depict..


Humans cannot understand horses by their neigh. To understand them it is important to know what they feel by the different movements in their body parts. For example: ears, legs, tail, head, mouth.

Here is a picture that depicts the movement of the ears in a particular way and what they mean. By this it becomes easy to understand what the horse is thinking in order to control them.



*While aggressive there is a high possibility that the horse may kick with hind legs to defend*

(Image Source: Pinterest)

When horses feel..

Do you know that even horses  feel?

Here I am, to recount that incident that took place with me and showed me how horses react when they are not mentally stable but we force them to do anything against their wish.

It was early morning and I was at the barn saddling up one of the dearest and disciplined mares, Silky, for the riding lesson. She is a beautiful mare. Its never been that she ever disappointed any rider who rode her.

There was a resistance while putting the horse bit on. That was pretty strange for me to accept.

Saddling up became difficult as she signaled to hurt me. After a great deal of drama, I could finally saddle her. But then she resisted to move to the ground where the lessons take place.

It was like fighting a battle. I could make out there was something in her mind that made her do so but couldn’t figure out what that was.

After reaching to the ground, I occupied my seat on her and started to trot. Again, she was there speeding in the trot than her usual speed. Ten minutes passed and everything was going okay.

Suddenly, she sped, it was thrilling. But it lasted only 3 seconds, then she applied brakes and i was down there, fully covered in the mud and my protective gear, the helmet changed its color from black to dark brown.

It felt as if someone had applied brakes of the car at the speed of 140 km/h.

Though I fell off it was a great feeling. She respected me she stood their and watch me grab the reigns again and take my seat. Couldn’t have restrain myself from patting and kissing her.

That was a great feeling. The only thought that came to my mind later was, ” How much I wish some one could have recorded this on camera!!😀😄

Now here I come to the conclusion that, there was something that was disturbing her, but after this incident she calmed down and satisfied me with a majestic gallop.

*It is difficult to understand horses, but when you do there is nothing like it*